Check out this email I found today in my self hosted mail accounts. A modern day classic.

Dear Friend,

My name is Tony and I am a trader in the foreign exchange market
(Forex.)  Every trade I make involves selling one currency and buying
another.  For example, if I believe the euro will gain against the
dollar, I will sell dollars and buy euros.

After years of study and practice, I am now able to consistently make
a profit.  I am now confident enough to accept funds from friends and
family and provide them with good returns.

My goal is to make enough profit from their initial investment that I
can pay the entire investment amount plus 10% back to them in monthly
payments each year – for as long as I am able.  I feel confident that
I can provide these levels of return for at least three years – and
hopefully many more.

For example, if you invest $10,000, you would receive twelve monthly
payments the first year totaling $11,000.  The second year I’ll
increase the payments an additional 10% to account for cost of living
increases.  In year two you would receive twelve monthly payments
totaling $12,100.  In year three you would receive twelve monthly
payments totaling $13,310.

In the above example, on your initial $10,000 investment, you would
have been paid $36,410 over three years.  This level of return is
virtually impossible to get from any other investment available to the
average person.

I will make every effort to provide you with the above return on your
money indefinitely, even beyond three years.  Because my investments
have a level of risk, which I keep minimized, I cannot guarantee that
you I will be able to provide these high returns.

I do take the responsibility though of making sure you do not lose any
money.  That makes this a safe investment for you.  You may request
your initial investment back in full at any time!

I know of individuals who have taken loans out from retirement savings
or their house and have invested the money and made much higher
returns than they could find anywhere else.

If you are interested, I accept funds for investment via PayPal only
at this time.  Using PayPal protects both of us.  My PayPal e-mail
address for accepting funds is  I ask that
the minimum investment amount be $1,000 as it is difficult for me to
make good profits on lesser amounts.

Sincerely Yours,

Tony C.


23 November 2010

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