Come one! Come all! Next Monday night at VHS I will be teaching you all you need to know about papercraft!

Dont know about papercraft? Here's a little intro: 

Papercraft classically refers to the general category of crafting with paper, which includes origami and card modeling, but lately, the culture of pop (or sub-pop, you can decide for yourself what boingboing&friends is) has been using the term papercraft to describe the craft of card modelling. Card modelling differentiates from origami in the sense that you start out with printed (or not) card that you can cut, punch, and glue (which is stictly forbidden in origami).

I will discuss more about the history and culture of papercraft and techniques on how to build your own models using free,  mostly-cross-platform software and a printer. Oh yeah, and bring paper (I can bring a sub-awesome printer, will check ink levels, might be a small charge for the ink). Anyways, here are some examples of the awesome things you can do with this skill:

Papercraft heart of rotating gears:
Ceiling Cat:


The components


23 November 2010

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