Probably one of the most phenomenal successes to hit the Vancouver Maker Community, the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire tore through last weekend leaving all of us who were involved with a big, giant smile. With almost one hundred Maker applicants and thousands of curious Vancouver Cascadia-ans (you can safely triple that # for the turnout and maker presence ^_^ ), we took over Great Northern Way's Centre For Digital Media building last weekend. Thanks to the Vancouver Hackspace, Vancover Community Lab, and Many, Many Others, we are here to stay.

Here are some photos I posted of the weekend:

Here is the official Vancouver Mini Maker Faire flickr group: link

and here is some #makerfaire_van ephemera: link


Update: Allison Koberstein wrote an amazing first person account on her experience on Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Day on her blog. And she probably took the coolest picture I have seen of my projection art @ VMMF. 


Thanks Allison!


Update: Jamie Griffiths also made this great post and vlog of VMMF. I'm interviewed about 2 minutes in. Thanks Jamie!


29 June 2011

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