Had a really great day today outside and was actually a great day for inspiration on some ideas that have been floating around my head. For one, I was really missing SuperCollider, and how after using it for over 10 years now, it is no longer part of my new monome/osc driven setup and workflow. So I ended up doing something I have never done before, and what I found blew my mind:

A Supercollider external for embedding in max patches! OMG! Now I can use SuperCollider in tandem with mlr and a whole slew of other monome patches! And on top of that I can embed it inside of a Max4Live patch and get it running in Ableton! So here's a little one-liner I tested out, look forward to posting more!

play{AllpassC.ar(SinOsc.ar(55).tanh,0.4,TExpRand.ar(2e-4, 0.4,Impulse.ar(8)).round([2e-3,4e-3]),2)};




05 June 2011

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