Hello internet! If you followed my now defunct blog, you would know that I havent posted in over a year, and even when I did, over the last three years those posts were few and far between. This has been for a few reasons: 

1) I work for Microsoft, and anything I do there I cant talk about, and right now, most of my life consists of doing lots of things for them. 

2) The 'blog' isn't quick enough. I tweet like a maniac, but thats because I have many windows of time that can spare 140 characters or less. But what about '140 characters or more'?

 Thats what I see this fulfilling. Slightly more meat that twitter, but it isnt the classically verbose blog that I once maintained. This is the perfect balance between brainfarts and insights. Enjoy!

p.s. - here's a sneak peek of whats to come:


02 August 2010

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